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Guess what?

For upper beginners and lower intermediate learners

Here, we presented Kanjis which are related to Ame "rain".
Read the hint first, then quess the meaning of the following Kanji.

Topic & Hint

The Kanji is Ame which means "rain". The Kanji is Ta which means "rice field".
"Rain" plus "rice field" is Kaminari "thunder".

あめ     かみなり
rain   rice field   thunder

Guess what ?

Then, what is the Kanji, "thunder" with something which looks like
hitting the rice field from the thunder.

かみなり       でん

This Kanji is 電(でん) meaning "electricity".

In Japanese language, a Kanji compound is used for the word "electricity".
It is 電気(でんき). 気(き) means "atmosphere" in this word.



(Kanji numbers are from 2001.Kanji.Odyssey)

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