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Guess what?

For upper beginners and lower intermediate learners

Here, we presented Kanjis which are related to Kin "gold".
This Kanji Kin is used as a part in other Kanjis which relate with "metal".
Read the hint first, then quess the meaning of the following Kanji.

Topic & Hint

The Kanji is Kin which means "gold".
The Kanji is Ushinau which means "to lose".
"Gold" plus "lose" is Tetsu "iron".

きん   うしなう   てつ
gold   lose   iron

Guess what ?

The Kanji is Onaji which means "same".
Then, what is the Kanji, "gold" plus "same"?

きん   おなじ   どう
gold   same  

This is 銅 (どう) meaning "copper".

This is also used as "bronze", for example, 銅メダル "bronze medal".



(Kanji numbers are from 2001.Kanji.Odyssey)

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