Intermediate Japanese

Learn Japanese Language through reading and listening about Japan.
Here, we provided reading materials on various topics for learning Intermediate Japanese.
All readings are written in easy-to-understand Japanese.
You will learn not only Japanese language, but also learn Japanese culture, custom and lifestyle.

Road to IntermediateUpper Basic Level

Kore wa nan deshoo ka?(What is this in Japanese?)

Futatsu no mono o tomeru no ni tsukaimasu.

Hazusu toki, oto ga shimasu.

Intermediate 301Upper Basic & Lower Intermediate

Intermediate 301 - Vol.1

Nihon no O-Bentoo

Japanese packed lunch

Rikoo na doobutsu - Iruka

intelligent animal - dolphin

Intermediate 301 - Vol.2

Futon o Hosoo!

Let's air the Futon

"Akami" Ninki Kyuu-Jooshoo

"red (beef) meat" is booming

Intermediate 305Intermediate Level

Intermediate 305 - Vol.1

Sushi - Nihon no fast food

Sushi - Japanese fast food


Japanese-style hotel

Intermediate 305 - Vol.2

Kookyoo Ryookin

utility charges

Nihon no O-Furo

Japanese bath

Intermediate 307Intermediate Level

Intermediate 307 - Hot Issues

Kooreisha to Unten-Menkyo

aged person and driver's license

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