Road to Intermediate Japanese

Kore wa nan deshoo ka?

What is this?

Upper Basic Level

Since there are a lot of rain in Japan. most Japanese have two or three.
When it's begun to rain, you can buy this at any store such as
convenience store, train station stand or even drugstore.


Ame to kankei ga arimasu.
Soto de tsukaimasu.
Te de motte tsukaimasu.
Oritatami-shiki no mono mo arimasu.


Audio 1.amerain
Audio 2.kankei[sv] relation, connection
Audio 3.sotooutside, open air, outdoor
Audio 4.tehand, arm
Audio 5.oritatami-shikifolding type
Audio 6.monothing
Audio 7.tsukaimasu / tsukauto use
Audio 8.mottete form of mochimasu
Audio 9.mochimasu / motsuto carry, hold, have, take
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