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Kyoo no 1 Bun

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners


Kusuri o nomimasu.
I take medicine.
(literally means "I drink medicine")
Kusuri o nomimasu.
kusuri medicine, drug, pill, nomimasu to drink / to take medicine


A. Complete the following dialogue.

A Doo shita-n desu ka?
Kaze o hiite, ga aru-n desu.
A Kusuri o nomimashita ka?
Ee, nomimashita. Demo, zenzen .
Kyoo wa kaetta hoo ga ii desu yo.

doo shita-n desu ka? what's wrong?, what happened?, what's the matter?
-n desu ka? expressing emotional emphasis; showing concern
kaze o hikimasu to catch a cold (set phrase), kaze wind / a cold
hiite te form of hikimasu used to indicate a reason or cause
netsu ga arimasu to have a fever, aru root form of arimasu, -n desu expressing emotional emphasis
atsui hot, ondo temperature, netsu heat / fever
demo however, but, kusuri wa kikimasu (this) medicine works
zenzen (+ negative) not at all, kikimasu to be effective, have an effect
kyoo today, hayaku ku form of hayai; early, soon (adverb), hayai early, soon (adjective)
kaetta ta form of kaerimasu; return, go home, -ta hoo ga ii desu should do, had better do
-yo particle used when telling a new information or giving friendly sound

See Building Up Conversation : Level 2 Chapter 12 about -n desu;
doo shita-n desu ka? / netsu ga aru-n desu.

See Building Up Conversation : Level 2 Chapter 12 about -ta hoo ga ii; hayaku kaetta hoo ga ii.

See Building Up Conversation : Level 2 Chapter 6 about the te form used to indicate a reason or cause; kaze o hiite.

Practice the following words

Audio 1.kusurimedicine, drug, pill, ointment
Audio 2.nomimasuto drink / to take medicine
Audio 3.kaze o hikimasuto catch a cold (set phrase)
Audio 4.kazewind / a cold
Audio 5.netsu ga arimasuto have a fever (set phrase)
Audio 6.netsuheat / fever
Audio 7.zenzen(+ negative) not at all, never
Audio 8.kikimasuto be effective, have an effect
Audio 9.kyootoday
Audio 10.hayakuku form of hayai (adverb)
Audio 11.hayaiearly, soon (adjective)
Audio 12.kaerimasuto return, go home

Kako mono (the past quizzes "things in the past")

2018/April/15I take medicine.

2018/March/25My smartphone was broken.

2018/March/05Can I get there by taking one line (without any transfers)?

2018/February/16I didn't notice, I didn't realize it

2018/February/01Let's take a taxi, because it's not so far.

2018/January/11I moved to Meguro last weeek.

2018/January/02How was your New Year's holiday?

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