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Atsui uchi ni / Samenai uchi ni

while it's hot / before it gets cold

The root form or nai form + uchi ni / -nai uchi ni expresses that
someone does something before a situation or state changes.

It can be traslated as "While ......" or "Before .....".

1. (serving a hot dish)
a. Atsui uchi ni doozo.
b. Samenai uchi ni doozo.

atsui uchi ni, while it's hot
samenai uchi ni, before it gets cold
atsui hot, samenai nai form of samemasu; get cold, cool down
doozo please (eat, drink, have some)

2. (Zaiko : Nokori 5-dai)
a. Zaiko ga aru uchi ni chuumon shiyoo.
b. Urikirenai uchi ni chuumon shiyoo.

zaiko [sv] stock, nokori 5-dai 5 stocks left
nokori the rest, left, -dai counter for machinery objects
aru root form of arimasu; have, there is
urikirenai nai form of urikiremasu; be sold out
chuumon [sv] order (goods, product), shiyoo volitional form of shimasu; let's do

3. Wasurenai uchi ni Mori-san ni meeru shimasu.

wasurenai uchi ni before I forget, wasurenai nai form of wasuremasu; forget
meeru shimasu to send an email

4. Ame ga furi-soo.
Ame ga furanai uchi ni kaerimashoo.

ame ga furimasu to rain
ame ga furi-soo it looks like it's going to rain, it's about to rain, -soo (stem +) be about to do, it looks like
ame ga furanai uchi ni before it rains, furanai nai form of furimasu; fall (rain, snow)
kaeri-mashoo let's go home, kaerimasu to return, go home, -mashoo (stem +) Let's do

5. Kodomo ga nete iru uchi ni sooji shimasu.

kodomo child / baby, nete iru be sleeping
nete te form of nemasu; sleep, -te iru root form of -te imasu; expressing progressive or state
sooji [sv] clean (room, garden, etc.)

Functional patterns used in the sentences (Chapter numbers are from Building Up Conversation)

chuumon shi-yoo
-yoo, -oo:verb volitional form "Let's do"

Level 2 Chapter 18

ame ga furi-soo
stem + soo desu:it seems, it looks

Level 3 Chapter 2

verb stem + mashoo:Let's do

Level 1 Chapter 12

kodomo ga nete iru
verb te form + -te imasu:expressing the progressive or a state of being

Level 2 Chapter 4

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