Common Expressions & Sentences patterns


[A] wa [material] de dekite iru

be made of

The verb dekiru has various meanings such as;
be able to do, be good at, be skillfu,
be done, be finished, be ready,
be built, newly open,
be made, be produced,
be formed, be organized, etc.
See Essential Japanese Verbs No.141 dekiru for the important usages.

1. Kono hana wa kami de dekite imasu.

This flower is made of paper.

hana flower, kami paper

2. Kono ningyoo wa chokoreeto de dekite imasu.

This doll is made of chocolate.

ningyoo doll, chokoreeto chocolate

3. Sono kaaten wa moenai sozai de dekite imasu.

That curtain is made of a nonflammable material.

kaaten curtain, moenai nai form of moemasu; burn, blaze
sozai material

4. Kono masuku wa jun-kin de dekite iru soo desu.

I heard that this mask is made of pure gold.

masuku mask, jun-kin pure gold, solid gold
jun- pure, genuine, unmixed, natural, kin gold

Functional patterns used in the sentences (Chapter numbers are from Building Up Conversation)

dekite imasu
verb te form + -te imasu:expressing progressive or a state

Level 2 Chapter 4

jun-kin de dekite iru soo desu
plain form + soo desu:reported information; I heard, he/they said

Level 2 Chapter 11

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